A whimsical collection of decorative sewing pins to add pizazz to your pincushion...

"Often imitated, never duplicated" I've been somewhat "artsy" for as long as I can remember. Pair that up with my experience in retail and wholesale, finding myself unemployed due to a lay off, a love for technology, and my first jewelry website was born in 2003. I moved some of my whimsical jewelry designs to an Etsy Shop in 2008. In 2014 I started adding decorative sewing pins, and then pincushions to my CherryChick shop but I decided to create a separate shop exclusively for my sewing accessory products. So in the beginning of 2016 Decorative Sewing Pins & More was born.
My dream has been to make designing & running my website my full time career. I have some wonderful customers who I truly appreciate.
You can find me on Pinterest I'm "theCherryChick". On Instagram you'll find me at @theCherryChick and on the web  at www.CherryChick.biz

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